Meridian Mitigation Services, LLC

We offer full service emergency response where time is of the essence. Meridian understands that early and proper evaluation of fire, water, smoke, storm and structural damage can be the key to the success of the restoration project. Proper engineering controls need to be implemented in order to stabilize the situation. Meridian has a full complement of mitigation equipment that can be mobilized within hours to respond to any disaster in our service area. All this is available with a call to our

Available with a call to our Qualified Emergency Response Team

• IICRC Trained Personnel
• Site Stabilization
• Decontamination
• Water Extraction and Clean Up
• Sewage (Raw Water) Extractors
• Moisture Mapping and Documentation
• Temperature and Relative Humidity Evaluation and Control
• Drying Science using Psychrometry and Thermodynamics
• Thermal Imaging using IR Technology
• Air Distribution for Drying using Turbo and Axial fans
• Heat Drying and Temperature Elevation
• Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidification
• Desiccant Dehumidification
• Media Blasting (Baking Soda) Cleaning and Odor Neutralization
• Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing